When you drive though France during holiday you could think that the country is full. For some areas, that is true during the summertime, however not for the area around Bordeaux, called Aquitaine.
Beside the Atlantic coast, with many dunes and long beaches you will find beautiful lakes and the well-known bay of Arcachon. In the countryside, you will find many forests and unspoiled nature as well as the wine areas of the Graves, Bordeaux, and Médoc.

In the nearby area, you are able to go fishing, horseback riding, sailing, surfing, and do endless walking and biking through the pine forests on the many paths (you can even get to the Atlantic coast). Bikes can be rented at the Résidence. The skiing areas in the Pyrenees are on only an hour and a half drive away.For golf lovers, there are many golf courses in the area (+/- 20 km). The 4 golf courses I normally play are Arcachon, Biscarosse, Gujan Mestras and Bordeaux. All are really top courses with excellent restaurants. In a larger radius, there are about 30 golf courses including the famous Hosegore. The area has a lot of variation and many things to do, with not too busy beaches, beautiful cities, a number of lakes, golf courses, wine areas, restaurants and many forests.

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