Beside the Résidence, flows the river the L’Eyre and on the grounds comprising of 48 hectares there is also a 17th century castle that will be renovated. Further there is a large common swimming pool and a small one for the children; 2 tennis courts; a place to play football and a recreation play area for small children. Of course there is a jeu de boules (lawn bowling) court, as well in the main building a pub/bar/restaurant. There is also a fitness track and beside the forest and alongside the river there is a squash court. The park is a safe place for children to play with other children or to bike or swim. During summer time, activities are frequently organised for the children.

Our villa has a very nice location on the 4-star Résidence. The other owners (many doctors, notaries, etc.) and visitors for holidays (same) are mostly people with an appreciation for the good things in life.

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